Styleguide for Authors

Prospective authors are required to ensure that submissions meet the journal's guidelines listed below.

Articles submitted to the journal should have the following structure:

- an abstract of between 300 and 350 words and key words (up to 20), describing the content and main notions in the article;

- an introduction, in which the author outlines the problem examined, the article's major purpose, thesis and/or main argument related to the problem, and the relationship with theoretical or policy issues; the parts of the general problem not solved earlier are emphasized and the research purpose is formulated ;

- a body, in which the author assesses the latest research and publications on the problem, demonstrates the research that supports the author's arguments, proposes ways of solution to the problem with full reasoning the scientific findings received;

- a conclusion in which the author states prospects for future research.

Authors are strongly recommended to use section headings for particular sections of articles. Articles should be organized according to the following requirements: font 12 Times New Roman and uniform 2 centimeter/1 inch margin each (left, right, top and bottom), one-and-a-half spacing, between 14 and 25 pages (5000 words minimum, excluding footnotes). Articles may be submitted in Ukrainian and / or English. Figures and tables should be complete according to the text and integrated into its body, with headings and numbering. Formulas should be typed in conventional symbols with numbers in parentheses. To build graphs and charts, it is necessary to use Chart Wizard (Insert/Chart Menu, because a file must contain the original data associated with a figure for future translation be possible).

The strength of the article's research will be also assessed according to the number and quality of references cited: substantive citations are expected. Complete references to sources used should be as numbered footnotes and listed at the bottom of pages. Please ensure that the footnotes correspond to the reference in the text. References to ALL names of scientists cited in the article's text and sources of statistical data are obligatory. Bibliographies (References) at the end of the article are obligatory, but should not be considered as a substitute for the footnotes. Bibliographies listed must be arranged in alphabetical order.

Beyond these guidelines, the editors of the journal reserve the right to edit accepted articles on behalf of the author for adherence to the journal's format and style, clarity and grammar.

The authors should submit a cover letter in addition to the electronic version of the article. The author's full name should be indicated only in the cover letter. Do not save the article's electronic file under the author's name (as all articles undergo a process of anonymous peer-review).

Author takes the whole responsibility for the facts, statements and results in the articles, as well as the correctness and accuracy of references and citations.