Call for Papers

Journal of International Economic Policy invites submissions of articles on all aspects of international economic issues, including trade, investment, management, monetary stability, reform, cooperation, law, political economy, international financial institutions as well as security which face developed, transition and developing states. It encourages submissions that provide policy-relevant analysis and/or theoretical insight for practitioners, academics and other professionals in the field of foreign economic policy. Submissions are welcomed from policy-makers and scholars in either Ukrainian or English from Ukraine and abroad.

Submissions are expected to meet international academic standards and will undergo a confidential and anonymous, peer-reviewed process involving scholars and policy-makers from Ukraine and other countries of Western Europe. Every attempt will be made to contact authors within a month whether papers are accepted, require revision prior to possible publication, or are rejected. Authors unfamiliar with the anonymous peer-review process can find it described in the Manual for Authors and Reviewers for the Journal of International Economic Policy. Authors are expected to have prepared their submissions according to this manual and the Styleguide for Authors. Submissions that do not meet the guidelines will be returned for correction.

Please note: It is understood that submissions have not been previously published or are being considered for publication elsewhere.

Publication fee per 1 page submitted is UAH 54. The authors receive payment details after the article is officially accepted for publication. Please feel free to contact the Editorial Board for further details.

Submissions are accepted on an on-going basis. The authors should submit a cover letter in addition to the electronic version of the article. Do not indicate the author's name anywhere on the submitted article. Do not save the article's electronic file under the author's name (as all the articles are tested anonymously and selected by independent reviewers).

The editors of the journal reserve the right to edit accepted articles on behalf of the author for adherence to the journal's format and style, clarity and grammar.

Author takes the whole responsibility for the facts, statements and results in the articles, as well as the correctness and accuracy of references and citations.

Please send your article by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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